Time for True Healing

It’s simple. You have cancer and you’re looking for solutions. You’ve heard your doctor’s prognosis, you’ve looked at some of the research, you’ve seen people go through this, there is chemo or radiation and still there’s a part of you saying “but I know there is a different way to do this.”

My goal with the Cancer Consciousness Project is to teach you to create a consciousness that allows your body to heal itself. The truth is drugs, doctors and surgeries can’t heal you. Only you can heal you.

You also know that the way you think, feel, believe and live is either helping you to move towards wellness or keeping you in illness and fighting for your life.

I believe you’re here on my site because you already know all these things, but, you’re too close to the situation. Its overwhelming, its scary and you are literally in a life and death dance here. Its time to get some resources, time to get help.

That’s why I’m here. After watching my mom successful transition from a Leukemia diagnosis back to vibrant health as well as seeing patients in my office both live and die through cancer I took a step back. I realized all of my studies of health, wellness, personal growth and development, spirituality and metaphysics fit perfectly into a model to provide a massive amount of support to people with who are committed to building a consciousness that supports a thriving life.

My hope is that you’ll let me be a part of your process. I don’t want to offer you a single blog post and never see you again, I want to be with you, sharing what I know and offering support all the way through your journey. I want to treat you so well and inspire you that you share healing with other people you know who have cancer by telling them about this site.

Thank you for the privilege of your attention in this very important time of your life. If you’d like to know what I know about true, deep, profound healing, jump onto the email list here.



Dr. Matt’s Stats:

If you’ve read some on the content on the Resource Pages you know how much I advocate knowing yourself in a deep and meaningful way. This help you to live in a way that is most congruent with who you truly are and to work from your strengths rather than constantly trying to fix your weaknesses.
Here are a few of the ways that I do this introspection and self knowing in my own life. If you understand these things you will know more about me in just a minute than you would probably understand in hours of conversation.

Life Purpose:

“I hear your soul’s call and I set you on your path”



1. Bachelors of Arts: Music
2. Bachelors of Science: Business
3. Masters Degree: Acupuncture
4. Doctorate: Chiropractic


Special Power: Empath

I notice what you are feeling (or not feeling). This helps me understand people in a very profound way and help them to shed light into corners that they have not yet seen and open up opportunities for massive change and growth.

Philosophies of Healing


The body has an innate intelligence and innate healing ability that is built to work your entire life. Your body is literally built to maintain health and wellness. Internal stresses (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and external stresses (social and cultural) that are not managed may overwhelm the body’s ability to heal if they are not appropriately dealt with. Ironically, these stresses are the body’s fuel for change. Simplistically, disease and illness are an abundance of unused fuel that is waiting to help you change your life into a great, more enjoyable, loving and conscious state. To help you realize the ultimate truth, that you are Love, you are Divine.

Reorganizational Healing

Reorgnanizational Healing is a system designed by Dr. Donald Epstein that allows for a disease to be a “disease of meaning.” This means that your cancer can inform, instruct and improve your life if you know how to interact and perceive what is occurring. Underlying this method is the belief that there is no thing that is inherently “bad” and in that all things are potentially beneficial. In a 2009 paper published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine Reorganizational Healing is described this way.

“Reorganizational Healing takes an approach to help create a map for individuals to self-assess and draw on strengths to create sustainable change. Reorganizational Healing gives individuals concrete tools to explore and use the meanings of their symptoms, problems, and life-stressors as catalysts to taking new and sustained action to create a more fulfilling and resilient life.”



Alchemist, Sage, Scholar, Hermit, Warrior, Jester



I am a Chiropractor, not a medical doctor. I will not give you medical advice. Its unlikely I will recommend vitamins, nutrients, lasers, oxygen therapy or an other adjunctive / alternative treatment. All those things are great and its up to you to decide what form of intervention you’re doing with your health care providers.
Many people expect me to be anti-chemo, I’m not. It’s a tool, and like any tool it has a time and a place.
Here is the truth I am here to offer you. Illness and disease are manifestations of a life that is not moving in the correct direction or is intentionally trying to extinguish. These are conversations in consciousness. My goal is to teach you how to have enough awareness, knowledge and emotional and mental space to understand where you are in your journey through this life. This includes the role cancer is playing to wake you up to a larger perception of yourself and perhaps a greater mission in life.
So where does healing fit into this. For specific scientific information check out my Science page. As I mentioned, it is my fundamental belief (and experience as a healer) that cancer is an expression of a life that is not moving in its appropriate direction. The cancer is a messenger. So the question is If I know, own and make the changes the cancer is here to teach me, is the cancer still relevant and necessary? You can guess my perspective on this, I’ll invite you to choose your own belief.