A few weeks ago I was a keynote speaker at the Integrated Health Conference in San Diego. Being at the conference gave me the opportunity to speak with a lot of people with cancer. The longer I do this work the more consistent life patterns I see. One of the fears expressed by a lot of people is “am I doing everything I can to get healthy”. I’d love to spend a little time deconstructing this one a bit.

When this question is asked from a fear perspective the person will always try to do more, do more, do more. The issue is they will fill their schedule so much with so much of their protocol it stresses them out even more. You all know how damaging stress is. In addition to the stress they’ve done nothing to address the root fear that is occurring. Stress + fear is not an equation you want the answer to if you have cancer. If that is the case the things you’re doing to get healthy may actually be making you sicker!

How do you feel about what you’re doing? Are you be excited to run towards a totally well life in every dimension every day? Or do you feel like the wellness practices you’ve chosen are a
drag and something you have to do to survive? Can you see the difference in the energy there?

The latter is running away from what you don’t want but still focused on the negative outcome. The former is a compelling, exciting future – that will naturally create more energy available to make change!

The truth is, of course, it really depends on how you’re asking the question and the emotional charge on it. You can be asking from a really resourceful place looking for new opportunities to take your wellness to a new level or from a place of fear.

So what can you be curious about, what outcome can you focus on in the future that would be exciting. Can you focus on thriving? Can you focus on what you need to do to express a level of health that you’ve never known before? These questions are powerful and if you chase them they’ll lead you to much different answers.
Instead of asking “am I doing everything I can to be healthy” how about “I’m doing a lot to express a state of maximum health and I’m feeling really good about bit, that being said, I’m always interested in learning more and constantly growing my wellness!”

Share Your thoughts in the comments below, and, as always. . . .

I love you lots, and you’re doing great.

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