The 12 Stages Of Healing – Dr. Donald Epstein

Many of you know that Donny is one my primary mentors, that being said, I read this book (the first time) before I knew him. Simply, it rocked my world. This is systematic way to look at any individual experience that occurs in life from suffering to the enlightenment experience. In addition there are the SRI exercises that are invaluable for helping you through your healing journey. This is an absolute must read.

Healing Myths, Healing Magic – Dr. Donald Epstein

Its my fault I have cancer, I have to be happy to heal, healing is a spiritual journey. It all sounds good but is it true? When it comes down to it we need to know what is going to make the rubber meet the road. This book will help you cut through the noise and fluff about healing.

Radical Remission – Dr. Kelly Turner

Has your doctor studied the cases of people who have actually survived the cancer you have or just giving you statistics about those who have died? What does it take to go into remission? Dr. Turner has interviewed thousands of people who have gone into remission. This book shares the trends of those who have returned to wellness and many inspiring stories.

Cancer Is Not A Disease – Andreas Mortiz

This book describes the fact that the body produces cancer as a physical mechanism to try and save you from a life that is out of balance. Cancer is actually trying to save you not kill you. It gives the underlying causes for why cancer occurs and how to address those.

Grist For The Mill – Ram Dass

Ram Dass (formerly Richard Alpert) is one of the cornerstones of the 60’s counterculture movement. This book was one of the first that really opened my eyes to a much wider reality, a spiritual reality that I was lost to. It was one of the first that helped me find my way.

Power Vs. Force – Dr. David Hawkins

This is a seminal work in understanding levels of consciousness. Hawkins research and true clear understanding of the transcendent spiritual experience are inspiring and illuminating. This is the first in a trilogy, all three are amazing.

Integral Spirituality

Ken Wilber is the biggest mind alive that I have ever encountered. His Integral framework is a metamodel that positions all other models. Incredibly brilliant, incredibly powerful, complex and a little heady.