Breaking Back Into Your Body

How long have you been gone? Where did you go?  When did it start to be unsafe to be in your body?  To be present enough in our body that we really feel and notice what is going on is a big deal.  I believe it’s crucial to life and definitely to growth.

The signals your body gives are not arbitrary; they are not random.  Every pain, ache, shiver, and twitch has a purpose.  These physical events are your body’s way of expressing what it is experiencing.  Are you consciously experiencing these things with it, or are you missing them?

Don’t feel badly; you’re not alone. I know very few people who are noticing these things.  The difference is you are in a situation where you need all the information from your body that can get.

I’ll tell you a couple of things ahead of time.  Pay attention to the overt signals as well as the very tiny sensations.  At some point you won’t get as many of the big signals because you’ve cleared the messages that need to scream at you to be heard.  At that point the tiny sensations will be all that’s left.  As you become adept at noticing and interacting with these, they will become the new big signals and you’ll notice things that are even more subtle.  This is the whole idea; you are going deeper and deeper into you.

The second thing is that at some point you’re going to believe you’re making this up.  If it is authentic, you’re not making it up.  Your rational mind is going to tell you “I have no reason to feel this. Where is it coming from?” These are sensations in the body, they are not rational thoughts, don’t let your mind bully you out of experiencing them.

I’m going to suggest that you set aside a few minutes here where you can be alone in the quiet.

I’m going to give you something to pay attention to. Read it, do it and when it is clear come back and read what is next.

First: Notice physical tension.  Where is your body working harder than it needs to?  In your shoulders, jaw and face, abdomen…legs?  Where are you clenching, gripping or contracting your muscles?  Do they need to be working that hard right now?

Scan your body, starting from your feet and work your way up to your legs, hips, chest and head.  Notice tight muscles and consciously relax them; let them down, they don’t need to be working right now.

Okay, go do that and then come back.

Second: Where are you feeling energy in your body?  Energy might be a sense of heat, tingling, heaviness, contraction (that is not physical), numbness, or an absence of feeling.  Pay special attention to your gut, solar plexus, heart, throat, and head (chakra regions).

As you pay attention to this sensation, you may notice it wants to change or move. If that is the case just let it happen. Let it shift and change nature, get heavier or lighter ormove to the region it really wants to be in.

There may be emotion there and we’ll cover that here (hyperlink to next post).

Okay, go do that and then come back.

Now that you are checked-in to your body and are noticing what is happening, what is different?  Do you feel more relaxed? Do you notice things that you didn’t realize were there?  What does it mean to you that all of these things are going on in your body? Did you know they are happening all the time and you’ve been missing it?  There is a wealth of data here specific to you and your body that is ready to be known.

Some people tell me ”But, I didn’t notice anything!”  One of two things are happening here.  First, you really did notice something but thought, “It’s not a big deal.” The truth is, simply, it is a big deal.  A trickle of water may not seem like a big deal but over the course of years it will wear away rock.  The second possibility is that you are so detached from what is happening in your body that you honestly believe that you are not having any physical sensations.  If that is the case start with noticing things that are obvious.  Do you feel your butt on the couch, chair, or floor?  Do you feel the weight of your clothes on your skin?  Do you feel heat or breeze on your face?  If you need to break back into your body, doing this exercise often is important.  Each time you repeat the exercise, see if you can notice something more subtle.

If you’ve been missing this data it’s time to incorporate it and bring it back into your conscious awareness so that when your body is talking you can participate.

You’re doing great and I love you lots.

Dr. Matt

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