Christmas Cancer

You have cancer, and it’s the holidays. Well that just sucks doesn’t it? You may be feeling to polarizing tug of the frivolity of the holiday spirit in those around you and yet on your mind you have this diagnosis, this curse, this cancer. Nothing like a life threatening illness to really ruin, what could be an amazing time of year.
And then the questions in your mind start. “Is this going to be my last holiday?” “Is everyone going to ask me ‘how are you doing’?” “Are they going to be all sad and depressed because they’re afraid?”

It can be confusing, it can be frightening, and it can be overwhelming. So what do you do with all of this?
But remember, no matter what is happening you have control over one thing – what you focus on. Do you choose to focus on your fear or on having precious time with family? Do you choose to focus on their fear or will you be the positive force that uplifts them? Will you choose to believe that this is bad or that it is an opportunity coming to you to drastically reshape your life for the better even though it may seem drastic?

Most importantly how will you hold your consciousness for this holiday season in a way that is going to be most supportive to your healing? If you are sad, angry, depressed and afraid how do you think your body responds to that? If you are joyous, wondrous, grateful and loving how do you think your body responds to that?

The holidays are a time of miracles. What might happen if you gathered together with the ones that you love and all choose to give prayers of healing and work as a single, unified loving team? What kind of energy would that produce? What kind of ripple would that send out to the universe and into your future?

What if instead of just blessing your food at your family holiday dinner you asked everyone to join in with a prayer that said “thank you God for giving me the nurturing love and support of these amazing people who are courageous and strong. Thank you for putting them in my life and encouraging me to truly hear what this experience of cancer has to teach me and teach us. Please let my cancer work to bring us together in love instead of divide us in fear.”
Even if they didn’t feel that they were courageous and strong at the start of the prayer they may feel that way at the end. Instead of feeling afraid for their experience of you having cancer they may feel the rally call to support you because you lead them with love.

Interacting with family this time of year can be challenging. Instead of being reactive, be the you that you choose to be. The you that compassionately lives beyond their fear. The you that already has a consciousness of wellness.

Happy Holidays!

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