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How important are your mental and emotional states when it comes to healing cancer? Pretty important right!?
Thoughts steer the ship but the emotion is the motor. So many times when people are trying to make a change or stick with a change they know what to do, they could lay out all the steps for you right down the last detail, but they don’t do them.

Why is this? Why is it we know (or could figure out) exactly what we need to do but just can’t get ourselves to do it?
Are we lazy, stupid, incompetent?

We, objectively, it may appear that way from the outside. The truth is a person who knows but does not do is typically getting tripped up by their emotions. The emotions can either hold you back and keep you stuck or they can be the fuel source to drive you forward.
Let’s look at what trips you up first.

Habits and Patterns:

We get into certain habits and patterns of how we do things. We automatically reach for a sugary desert after dinner or we take the elevator instead of the stairs. There are a million little things that most people do that are habitual. These habits have 2 components. The first is the neurological wiring that creates the efficiency of “not having to think about it.” Have you ever driven home and realized you were pulling in the driveway and didn’t remember a bit of the drive because you were lost in thought? This is the neurologically wired habit. This can be either helpful or harmful. It’s basically like a software program your brain runs to free up your conscious awareness.
The second component of habit is the subconscious. The vast majority of our action, beliefs and experience is based on what is occurring in the subconscious. The subconscious programs were primarily written by the time you were around 7 years old. These are all the lessons, beliefs and feelings we absorbed as a young child. These are a little more stubborn.
Breaking through these subconscious patterns requires speaking to the subconscious in language it can understand – a big component of which is the emotions. That leads us to what to do with these feelings.

Patch the leaks:

“negative” emotions. Let’s talk about these for a second. Negative emotions are good. We want them. They tell us something is wrong and something needs to be looked at and addressed. If we are having negative feelings there is something inside of us or in our environment that needs to change. It might be as easy as seeing something in a new way or it may require something deeper like getting a new job. The negative emotions need to be felt and experienced NOT AVOIDED in order let them share their wisdom.
This is one of the biggest things I see people with cancer do – avoid their emotions. The emotion is also intimately linked to the immune system, so avoiding the emotion actually decreases the body’s ability to fight the cancer.

Fill the tank:

Did you know you can choose your emotions? Right now, think of something hilarious, now remember how you felt the first time you experienced it. Now actually laugh out loud. Even more, be weird, so what?

Don’t you feel different? Did you know you can do this whenever you want? You can choose the emotion you want to feel and practice it.
Practicing the emotion helps to start to wire the nervous system to feel that emotion more often and even (eventually) start to prioritize it so you start to feel it automatically.
I would recommend you carve out 10 minutes in your day to conscious practice feeling all the emotions you want to be feeling.

Lighting the match:

Now do it more, do it bigger, do it better. The rocket fuel is in the tank now let’s add intensity. If you are choosing joy as one of your desired emotions and you practice it with a half-smile. . . is that going to get you where you want to go?

Smile big! Tell someone how awesome they are! Tell a stranger you love their jacket! Sing out loud in public! The amount of energy you add to these emotion makes a big difference in how quickly they wire.

Ahhh, there we go, the quick primer on emotions. Let’s get you feeling good, get your immune system working better and enjoying yourself so your body can heal.
Bring your questions, comments and positive experiences implementing this to the Cancer Consciousness Project facebook page.

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