Ferrari or Bulldozer

Cancer Healing

One of the most problematic things that I find with my cancer coaching clients is that they don’t really know themselves.  When we don’t know ourselves we usually don’t have a sense of what we need or want to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This leads to long term stress that contributes to an internal biochemical environment that is hospitable to cancer.  When people come into a more natural awareness, lifestyle and relationships that reflect who they are their body tends to experience more ease and less avoidance, conflict and turmoil with associated stress.  This is one of the foundational tenets of mind-body medicine.

One of the classifications I use with people is that they are either a Ferrari or a Bulldozer.  What does this mean?

A Ferrari is design for high speed, high precision, short distances and is very finicky.  It needs smooth, dry surfaces and high octane fuel.   It needs frequent tuning and a skillful driver.  Without those things a Ferrari doesn’t run like a Ferrari for very long.

A Bulldozer excels in the mud, pushing around massive piles of dirt, rocks, and other debris.  Its an amazing piece of machinery but don’t expect it to maneuver very deftly or to go very fast.  If you want to push a two-ton stone fifty feet, it’s a good tool.  If you want to drive your date to the movie theatre, it’s the wrong one.

Being a Ferrari is great, being a Bulldozer is great, they are exceptionally valuable vehicles that do valuable things.  The confusion and problems happen when you get a Ferrari in the mud or a Bulldozer on the highway.  This isn’t what they were designed for, not how they were built.

The same with you.  If you are Ferrari, you might need lots of high quality food, good rest and you might be emotionally sensitive.  You may need to interact with high energy, positive people to feel good.  You might not be built to work 60 (or even 40) hour weeks.  You might be a Ferrari.

If you just like crashing through your day and working hard but are terribly uncomfortable at the symphony or a dinner party. . . you might be a bulldozer.

Both of these things are okay, the importance is to know and be okay with yourself.  And now that you know what are you going to change so that you get your needs met?

Do you need high quality interaction with others?  Do you need more down time, self-reflection time?  The American culture tends to value “hard work” and the go-go-go lifestyle and many people just are not built for that.

I’m here to tell you that this path of healing is so much about knowing how your built and giving yourself what you truly need and trusting that is okay. More than okay, it is necessary.

I’m looking forward to answering any questions you might have.  Feel free to reach out.

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