“However, if one has to make a decision between many alternatives, the unconscious often leads to more satisfactory solutions. Such solutions may emerge as sudden flashes of insight, intuitions, in dreams, or extremely rapid adaptive actions. In his popular book Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell (2007) offered examples of individuals giving effective answers to complex questions without conscious awareness of how they did it.”

I was reading this in a research paper for an article I am writing for the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice. As I did I decided to check in with my intuition. I got a strong intuitive hit to go to the gym and talk with Andy, one of the trainers there. We have been having some conversations about how the work I do could be of service to the gym members.
But I had just settled in to this great article and I really didn’t want to pack up my stuff, get out in the snow and get to the gym yet. So I read for the next 2 hours and drank more coffee than water, got to the gym and 30 minutes into my workout I had to quit because I got such a bad headache I was feeling nauseous.
On my way out I saw Andy and we had the conversation I wanted to have anyway. Here is the question: If I had had listened to my intuition would it have been effortless? Would I have had to go through the headache and missing half of my workout?
The above referenced article talks about mechanisms for how our intuition is connected to far more of reality than we are able to perceive with our conscious mind. There is a steering that occurs if we are willing to listen to it and many researchers and experts have said that if you follow your intuition the outcomes are likely to be much better than if we try to figure it out with our conscious mind.
So my question to you is, what is your intuition saying to you? That small voice that speaks when you clear your head of thoughts – especially any thoughts about how it “should” be.
As you’ve heard me say over and over cancer is a message, a message that something (or multiple things) in your life are drastically off course. What is off course is a drain on your energy and you need a way to get back in the flow of what your life must be. This is the opportunity cancer offers many people. In Andreas Moritz’s book Cancer Is Not A Disease. He says “During hundreds of interviews with cancer survivors over the past 30 years I have found that almost all of them shared one experience: It had caused the most important and positive changes in their lives ever.”
If you read Dr. Kelly Turner’s book, Radical Remission, you get the same theme. This is coming from professionals who studied people who have HEALED from cancer, not people who have died from it.
I believe that the body has an innate wisdom that guides it to health, healing and wellness. Our job is to be able to allow that wisdom to express in its greatest capacity. This wisdom is not going to talk to you through your conscious mind. You may get a quick thought that seems to break through out of nowhere but it probably won’t seem rational. If you still your mind and let what many have called “the still small voice” be heard what does it say? The truth is its not costing you anything to listen to that voice and starting to act from it may be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself.
What has your experience been with Intuition? How has it turned out well? What happens when you ignore it? Share in the comments below!

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