Ok, so now you’ve read my resource page on “Why I Have This”. If you haven’t I’d recommend you start there. These suggestions will make a lot more sense if you do.

I hesitate to give people things they can do because for a lot of people that is not what they need, at least not yet. So many people want to “do” something and in that doing they are avoiding. So they scurry around, see this healer, take that supplement but it doesn’t work because they are avoiding looking at what is true. Why? Because there is a lot of emotion and emotion is scary if you don’t have a good strategy for how to deal with it.

So on this resource page we’re going to talk about just a few things but they are literally, hands down, life changing if you commit to them.

Physical – noticing what is happening in your body
Emotional – how to feel a feeling
Mental – strategies to use thought and the mind appropriately
Spiritual – surrender

Ready for change?

#1 Breaking Back Into Your Body

When many people have cancer they have a lot of beliefs and feelings about their body. They feel betrayed or angry. These are not states that will help create forward motion and healing. This article will give you resources on what you can do in relation to your body.

#2 How To Feel A Feeling

If all things in the Universe are purposeful (and I believe they are) then emotions have a purpose as well. Instead of discerning their purpose most people ignore, project or repress them. This is the #1 tripping point I see people get caught on when they have chronic conditions like cancer. Learning how to experience and transform emotion is critical from moving from disease to health and into wellness.

#3 The Mind That Heals

Using the mind instead of letting it run around in your life like a hyperactive puppy is critical. When the mind (like a puppy) is not tamed it gets itself into all kinds of trouble. Your beliefs can be the blueprint of your health. Let’s teach that puppy to sit and roll over.

#4 The Spirit That Heals

What can be said about the spirit? It is beyond words and it is the driving force of all life. How in tune are you with your spirit, your soul, that divine part of you? This page will give you tools for getting in sync with your soul.