The Mind That Heals

The Mind is a mindfield. . . . haha, get it!  You can laugh, (or groan), its ok, go ahead.

The role of the mind in healing is a truly interesting discussion riddled with potential pitfalls and tripwires.  Let’s tiptoe through this together carefully.

What is it?

The mind is our conscious thinking ability, our ability to reason and discern. In actuality, what the mind is is not the most pertinent question.  The best place to start is what the mind is not.

What the Mind Is Not.

The mind is not emotion.  Emotion is a physiologic process or moving chemicals in the body.  Emotion is an experience and often pre-rational.  There is a very strong tendency to try and reason, intuit and justify our feelings rationally.  This is not the job of the mind.  Commit to having the feeling, commit to feeling it all the way down to its core and when the energy of the emotion has moved there will be a space of ease, flow and perhaps even possibility and excitement.  It is in the space we may have access to conscious thought.

Worry is the most common example of this.  People say “yeah but I’m so worried about this, I can’t get it out of my mind!”  It’s actually not in your mind.  Worry is fear you are trying to think.  So stop thinking about that shit, its not ever going to get you anywhere.  Feeling and action is what is going to change it.

The Mind is not that constant chatter of “thoughts” flowing through your awareness.  That’s static, that’s noise.  Most of the time that noise is pure distraction that is keeping us from understanding and knowing what is the real truth.

How To Use It.

Logic and reason are devices of this life experience that help us to set structure and make plans.  They help us to set goals, direction, focus then we use the emotion to drive that change.  Emotion is the engine of change.  We use anger, excitement, passion, for example, to move us forward.  We use apathy and fear to slow us down.  So think of conscious thought as the railroad tracks and emotion as the locomotive and your body as the train that comes along for the ride.

So use conscious thought to help you determine what you want out of life and if what you are presently doing is actually going to get you where you want to be.

If you are not following the path you are meant to be on your life will start to express signs and symptoms of that.  One of these (in the extreme) may be the cancer your body is currently expressing.

Coming to know yourself and understand your purpose is one of the great gifts of the mind.  This process in itself can (and so often is) greatly healing.

One simple way this can be done is with personality profiles.  Tests like the Myers Briggs, Enneagram, DISC Profile and understanding your Archetypes can give you great insights into who you are.  People often have the experience of saying “Oh my God, that’s why I have always (fill in the blank with your recurring life pattern). It all makes so much sense now!”

Working with Someone

Do you ever lose the forest for the trees?  Do ever get so caught up in one part of your life that you miss what is really going on? Working with a counselor, spiritual leader, coach, friend, mentor who can help you see yourself and see the way you live and respond in the world is so remarkably valuable.  They can provide and objective outside view on reality they you may be missing as you are going through your experience.

My suggestion is that you find someone who is consciously evolved enough that they are able to be objective as you are going through your experience.  One of the greatest gifts I give the people I work with is to let them go feel the hurt, pain and discomfort. These things are the truth of their life.  If I soften it for them, tell them “its all going to be ok, don’t worry” I steal from them the fuel for their change and I karmically put that responsibility on myself.

It might not be ok (in a spiritual sense it is ALWAYS ok, see HERE.  You might need to worry, feel awful, be afraid, vomit or wail.  Those experiences may drive you to finally say “I choose to change”.

You’re doing great, I Love you lots.

Dr. Matt

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