The Reason You Have Cancer

The Reason You Have Cancer

It’s not your fault, or maybe it is, either way it doesn’t really matter.  You’ve got cancer, so now what?  Do you choose to be well? How are you going to choose to participate in your life from here forward? Most people focus on how to make the “problem” go away.   I often hear “I just want to go back to how it was before.”  If you think about it, what you were doing before is what got you to this point in the first place.  Your life isn’t asking you to go backward; it’s asking you to make a major leap forward.

It’s my belief that major illnesses like this occur for a few reasons.

#1 – There has been a long history of stress that has not be consciously addressed.  Because your body has been using its resources to manage this stress, it doesn’t have resources to repair and rebuild your cells and therefore your body.

Your cells cannot be in stress and in healing at the same time; it’s physiologically impossible.  So when you are choosing (even though you may not yet look at it as choosing) stress you are also choosing not to heal.  If you’re interested in the science of this you can find it here: SCIENCE

#2 – Its time for you to make a massive change in your life.  This scenario arises not because you have been avoiding feelings, the callings of your true self.  You may have been actively engaged in all of these things.  In short, you may already have your game together.  The reason cancer shows up in this case is that you are being called to show up in a much larger way.  The cancer will present you with situations and scenarios that allow you to discover this about yourself and to meet people, and experience things that allow you to start to connect the dots of who you are to become.

#3 – You chose this before you got here.  There are some instances of disease that seem so random and “unlucky” like toxic exposure or childhood cancers.  When people have these types of cancers  it seems like there is no reason. I don’t buy that.  I don’t believe there is anything in the universe that is purposeless.  If everything in the universe that occurs to you is occurring to bring you into a state of more self-love AND there is no purposeless events, no mistakes or accidents then it begs the question. What is the purpose here; what is the gift?

I believe that before you arrived on this planet you choose situations and life events that would help you to learn your most important lessons (fulfill your karma) so that you can grow and see the truth of who you are. You are Love.  For some people that may be having a neglectful parent, being raped in college, or losing a loved one.  It can also be beautiful and positive like meeting your twin flame (commonly referred to as soul mate), finding a teacher who helps you understand yourself, or being innately gifted with making and managing money.

Maybe who you must be in this lifetime will be most efficiently reached by you experiencing life with cancer.

I know that may be a bitter pill.  The idea that anything at all good can come of this might seem ludicrous, idiotic, or even mean-spirited to suggest.  It’s up to you what you choose to believe. You can chose a weak, disempowering belief, or you can choose to believe something more empowering.

Focus on this. If you chose this more empowering viewpoint, then you have an opportunity to show up to live in a brand new way and the life you live is going to so much more fun, exciting, connected, engaging, and fulfilling than you could have ever imagined before. How is that for a motivation?

You’re doing great and I love you lots.

Dr. Matt

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