The Spirituality of Sickness

For a moment, just one moment stop what you’re doing .

This exercise could be the most pivotal experience of your illness and a critical step in your healing process.

I’m going to invite you to just close your eyes and ask yourself 2 questions

  1. “how is this is a gift”?
  2. Is that true?

For this to be useful and powerful you are going to need to fully commit to being open and vulnerable.  Let anything that comes into your mind be a potential truth.  Asking “is this true” will help you to discern what is just mental chatter and “right answers” that your thinking mind and ego want to offer up reflexively but are covering what is deeper and true. There will be 2 reasons that you don’t want to believe the answers that come to you.

  1. It doesn’t make sense.
  2. If it was true, what it would mean for you or your current configuration of life feels too scary.

This doesn’t need to make sense.  The answers may be in the imagery or language of the sub-conscious.  The sub-conscious is not dictated by the logic of the conscious mind.  Pay attention to the feel of it or read into the imagery.

When you open yourself up to the possibility of this being a gift your whole experience of cancer will change.  You won’t need to push against it anymore, you can just do what needs to be done. You can change what needs to change.  Then you can celebrate the cancer for helping you to come to this amazing realization.

Share with us how this has offered you more insight, more freedom and more self-Love.

You’re doing great, I love you lots,

Dr. Matt

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