The Way The Universe Works

How is it that you have ended up as you, on this planet at this time. . . . with cancer?  Who makes these decisions? Wouldn’t you like to have a little discussion with them?  There  are universal laws that govern the way that our lives proceed and I want to share them with you so you know what the rules of the game are and why you have cancer.

Studying this one question has been a consuming fascination of my life. This question forms an overarching framework that all of the experiences of my life fit into.  When I say I have value to offer you here, I know that to be profoundly true.

The universe is a self-awareness engine.  The purpose of the universe is for you to know yourself so profoundly that you recognize that you are a spark of the divine.

Spirituality is an integral part of being alive and well.  I ask that you insert the language that reflects your individual beliefs as you read what I share.  If you like to talk about God, the Universe, the Divine, Allah, Buddha, Gaia, or whatever fits into your cosmology, I honor that.

The Divine’s sole function is to love itself.  We are all sparks of the Divine and as we become more self-aware and self-knowing we blossom in love and into love. We recognize our own divinity and in that process the divine celebrates loving itself because we are the divine.

All of life is a process of clearing that which is untrue.  On a fundamental level, the fact that we are love is the only truth, and still, here on this 3D plane, there are other truths that come into play.   Most of life is false, or rather, what we buy into as “life” is false.  It may be true at a certain level of consciousness but it is not the ultimate truth.  You are alone in this– False. This is never going to change– false.  Cancer is bad (wait for it) . . . false.

If you are stuck in delusion about who we are the Universe must, by law, remind you that you are divine.  All things that happen in life are happening to fulfill this truth, even your cancer. You’re going to see how this works in THE SPIRIT THAT HEALS.

So if you are holding on to a belief that you are flawed, the universe is going to show you the truth every single day.  This is confusing and most people don’t understand it.

You will see that you  are divine and you create your reality.  If you are choosing the reality “I am flawed,” the universe lets you manifest situations every single day to reaffirm that you are flawed.

Your boss will yell at you and tell you that you suck.  Your mom will call and complain about the birthday gift you sent; your kids will get in trouble at school and blame your parenting.  All of these ways tell you that what you believe is true.

Along the way you will have thoughts like: “I don’t really deserve all this pain and strife,” “There has to be an easier way,” or “Is this what life is all about?”  This is your soul inside your body saying “WAKE UP!” You are infinite silly, drop this nonsense and remember what is True!

Here’s what is beautiful, the divine has so much love for you it doesn’t fix it, it doesn’t make it go away. Instead the Divine lets you figure it out on your own so that you can consciously choose the truth that you are love.  So you will have to feel through those feelings you’ve been pushing down.  You will have to likely have to make changes.

Here’s what’s cool: on the other side you’re going to love your life and it will be so much easier.  You will be moving in synchrony and synergy because the truth of who you are is the truth of the universe and they work together.

So right here, right now, make a choice.  I invite you to choose to come into the truth of who you are.  Experience the healing of agreeing to your true nature and the joy of living the life you were built to live. You are Divine; you are Love.

You’re doing great and I love you lots.

Dr. Matt

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