Why Nobody Talk About Cancer This Way

I bet you haven’t heard many people, even alternative practitioners or thinkers, discuss cancer the way that I do.  If this all seems a bit foreign let me tell you why.

Simple. It’s either because they don’t know or it’s too scary.  This perspective on cancer crosses disciplines: because it integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, it would be missed by doctors, psychologists or clergy individually.

This perspective is also against the grain of our traditional and cultural belief system.  Our western medical model says “physical disease, physical cause, physical solution.”  It’s a bit myopic in my opinion. It may create some changes for some people, but if were working for you, you wouldn’t be here.

A major issue with this view is that it makes the doctor the high priest of your experience.  If the prognosis is bad, then you are at the mercy of his or her magic cure.  This cure could be chemo or it could be herbs or magic healer like a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or homeopath.

I am not (in any way) against working with doctors (medical, alternative, or otherwise).  Rather, what I’m pointing out is that it’s YOU in this process.  Life is made up of objective and subjective experiences.  The way you think and feel and what you choose for yourself is so very important.  In my opinion, it is more important that the doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis.

Your body is expressing cancer right now, but it is on a spectrum of illness and wellness. Your relative position on that spectrum may be different in any given moment, including the moment of a biopsy, or brain scan.

I am here to talk about this. I am here to offer what I believe to be the highest truth and in that truth is a brand new way to understand cancer,  to see what purpose it is serving in your life and to let it give you the gifts it is here to give.

You’re doing great and I love you lots.

Dr. Matt

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