This Resource Page offers you a group of articles that will help you create a framework and cosmology of the way that life works.  In this you will gain perspective and start to see why you have cancer.  Cancer is not a defect its a response and like all things in the universe it follows certain rules.  The goal is to understand what rules its following and what you can do about it.

These pages are intended to be followed in order as the information from the previous sets the stage for the following.

1. The Way The Universe Works

Why the hell would you need to understand how the universe works in order to get perspective on your cancer? Well its a great question. In a sense, that’s the driving question of this website. The truth is nothing that happens in the universe is accidental and there are ways to work with the rules rather than against them. Working against them creates stress that breaks us down and . . . . well, here you are.

2. You Are More Than Your Body

If you have a strong body identification (you believe your body is you) it is challenging to gather enough energy to make a change. Einstein said “no problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”. Find out what the next step is in this article

3. The Reason You Have Cancer

Is it a curse, a mistake, bad luck or exactly what you need in order to experience what you must in this lifetime? This article is going to offer you perspective on how part of your life might be the most important part of all

4. The Spirituality of Sickness

All experiences can be viewed from any level of consciousness. So how can you look at cancer from a spiritual perspective? Find out how in this article.

5. Why Nobody Talks About Cancer This Way

The cultural context in which you are experiencing cancer is important. If you are constantly surrounded by one view of what cancer is, it becomes easy to buy into that. Well, just because it is the most common opinion or belief doesn’t mean it is the most true. When you can start to choose your own beliefs about why you have cancer you will have more energy and more internal peace.