You Are More Than Your Body

The confusion about cancer is that it is thought of as a physical issue.  In actuality, it’s an issue that is manifesting physically.  I don’t believe that the origin is actually physical for most people.  Part of the reason that cancer is endemic in this country is because we are looking in the wrong spot.  We look at body and the cellular phenomenon that is not behaving in a typical way and we blame the cells.  We blame these cells because they are “bad” and we think “they are trying to kill us.” In fact, it is likely us who have been trying to kill our cells. I’ll explain.

The individual experience of life is a composite of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  These are all of the areas that we individually live in, play in, love in, and suffer in every single day.  Outside of selves we add the social and cultural dimensions.  I will save those for another time.

The physical is just that, our physical body,  the foundation upon which everything else rests.  Without a physical body there is no person to have feelings or thoughts, but you can have a physical body without feelings and thoughts, for example, being in a coma.  It is the beginning organizational level of the human experience and it critical that we are aware of what is happening in it.

The way we receive information from our body is through physical sensations.  This might be tightness, stiffness and pain or it might be a feeling of energy like heat or tingling.  There are a lot of ways that the body tells us things are happening and most people are completely oblivious to these sensations and even more have never thought to know what they mean.  In most people’s eyes the body is like a car that just carries “us” around and every now and then something breaks down and we either have to ignore it, pour drugs on it, or cut it out so we can go on.

News Flash; that’s not how it works. Start noticing the sensations in your body. They provide crucial information.

The emotional part of life is so poorly understood and the most neglected, suppressed and shamed.  Most people see emotion (especially in the USA) as an inconvenience or malfunction.  Emotions are something to push through or push away.  Let me ask you this.  What is the purpose of an emotion?  If you’re hypothesis is that they are just an annoyance, wouldn’t they have been discarded along with our gills and tails through the evolutionary process?

Here’s the truth.  Emotions are data; they provide information and are trying to send a message.  The message will be different for each person in each situation but this is universal. “STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. PAY ATTENTION.” When you are in fear, there is something to learn.  When you are angry, something in your life is ready for a change.  All emotions mean something, now it’s time for you to start learning from yours.

Thought is the darling child of our culture.  We love to think.  We cherish our intelligence and we build giant edifices to thought called universities.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the mind and our thinking and reasoning capability is amazing. The issue is that we use it to avoid all our other parts of our life.  We try to think our feelings. We try to rationalize our spirituality.  Thought has a place and it’s amazing, but your mind should be working for you, not running the show.  If you are lying in bed at night and your brain is running for 30 minutes straight as you try to fall asleep. . . you’re not running the show.

Spirituality. True spirituality occurs when someone agrees to the fact that we are at our core divine and we are here on this planet because we chose a human experience.  Your spirituality may manifest in religion or you may feel it in an experience of feeling absolutely connected to everything as you walk in the woods.  Regardless of how it manifests for you: knowing, feeling, and living from your soul is part of what it means to be truly human and it is critical to health and wellness.

Cancer can be an expression of stress in any of these areas of your life.  If you have been ignoring your feelings about a relationship or past pain, it festers and eventually manifests in your body.  If your thoughts and beliefs are limiting you from what you must be experiencing in life (based on who you are and what you are here to do) there must be a way for you to become aware of this. Cancer is one way to become aware and is a sign that something is not right, but this thing that is not right can be more than just the physical disease process.

You’re doing great and I love you lots.

Dr. Matt

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